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Continuing Education Mission Statement

In alignment with the overall organizational mission, the Paramedic Network provides high quality continuing education activities and services to develop and enrich the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of Health professionals globally.

The Paramedic Network works collectively with partnering organizations to develop and deliver professional education and learning excellence with desired outcomes.

The Paramedic Network collaboratively:

  • Aligns educational activities with identified industry needs and gaps.
  • Develops guidelines to generate industry standards for paramedicine.
  • Highlights and communicates best practices that promote excellence.
    • Provides a platform to support the educational development of health professionals, entry level through advanced practice.
    • Provides accessible course offerings in a variety of formats, including in-person conferences, specialized training, virtual sessions, and self-paced eLearning.
  • Aims to ultimately improve patient outcomes through education.

The Paramedic Network is delighted to offer continuing professional development certificates for our programs and for those organizations that meet the requirements of the GPHEC accreditation.

Number I can be reached at during normal business hours
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*Your certificate will be delivered via email from the Paramedic Network & certs @ gutenberg.