The Paramedic Network, a 501c3 nonprofit charity organization, empowers paramedicine practitioners to integrate safe and quality care into everyday practice. Whether student, novice, or seasoned clinician, we assist you with building a strong practice through education, research, and networking. Join us today to begin receiving excellent benefits!

Online Member Community: A digital home for members to connect worldwide. Find connections, resources, event information, volunteering opportunities, webinars, access to subject matter expertise, and more.

Flexible Online Learning and Certifications: Continuing education, certification courses, and gamified interactions dedicated to professional growth.

Mentoring Program: Make connections, meet new people, learn about new cultures, for both personal and career growth.

Members-Only Job Board: Industry connections, partnerships with employers and experts, offer support for job-seeking throughout your career pathway.

Virtual Events: Held throughout the year, our virtual events create engaging valuable experiences for connections, education, networking, Q&A, and discussion.

Meaning volunteer Opportunities: Support a cause, gain professional experience, make a positive impact, and directly contribute to meaningful projects.

Exclusive, industry-Specific Offers: Valuable personalized and irresistible benefits of clear value, industry driven through meaningful business partnerships.

One of the biggest benefits of joining the Paramedic Network is the pool of knowledge to draw from. Take advantage of the educational resources, share best practices with peers, gain access to member only information and advanced training opportunities to maintain an edge over non-members. Free and low-cost links to professional journals and/or publications, industry standards and trends, as well as changes in legislation, how changes can impact your profession, and how to prepare.

Join the Paramedic Network and circle of scholars around the globe as we form a community of similar yet diverse student and professional community health practitioners grappling with the challenges of preserving community health, sharing insight, and navigating a pathway to a just, thriving, and sustainable future, advancing the practice of paramedicine.

Paramedic Network

Professional Membership*

An opportunity for practitioners, educators and industry professionals to support the advancement & development of the Paramedic Profession globally.

Paramedic Network

Supporting Organization Membership**

For organizations interested in supporting the advancement of the Paramedic Profession through education and appreciation reward programs.

* Application may require approval, usually within 48 Hours

** Supporting Organizations requires approval usually within 48 Hours, agreement, participation in the membership discount program and submission of graphic with contact information for promotional website placement.