The Paramedic Network empowers Paramedicine Practitioners to integrate safe and quality care into everyday practice. Whether student, novice, or seasoned clinician, we assist you with building a strong practice through education, research, networking, and advocacy.

Members will be eligible for discounts and special pricing

  • Community Partners™ Complimentary Membership and special pricing for continuing professional development for emergency medical services
  • Mobile CE™ Complimentary Membership and special pricing for initial education and continuing professional development in paramedicine specialties
  • Community Paramedicine Association & Registry™ Complimentary Membership
  • First Responder Scholarship opportunities
  • CP-C Exam special member pricing
  • BLS, ACLS, PALS, BBP, HIPPA, and NIMS Certifications
  • National Registry 60-hour Refresher for EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic
  • CPD (CE) for Community Paramedicine and Critical Care Transport
  • CPD (CE) for EMS, Nursing, Social Work, and Counseling
  • Market Place special member pricing
  • Equipment discounts per sponsor
  • Industry events discounted per sponsor

Join Today to begin receiving these excellent membership benefits and to help strengthen the Paramedicine profession. We are a 501c3 nonprofit charity organization. Join us in our mission! Thank you for your support!

Paramedic Network

Professional Membership*

An opportunity for practitioners, educators and industry professionals to support the advancement & development of the Paramedic Profession globally.

Paramedic Network

Supporting Organization Membership**

For organizations interested in supporting the advancement of the Paramedic Profession through education and appreciation reward programs.

* Application may require approval, usually within 48 Hours

** Supporting Organizations requires approval usually within 48 Hours, agreement, participation in the membership discount program and submission of graphic with contact information for promotional website placement.