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Mobile CE provides outstanding learning opportunities that prepare students to meet the needs and future challenges of community health: We deliver online and blended education opportunities of the highest quality and value. Our goal is to provide our students with the knowledge and resources they need to continuously improve patient care and strengthen community health. Offering innovative programs and services, state-of-the-art distance learning, educational excellence, with consistent and sustaining customer support, we provide healthcare leaders with the education they need to provide exceptional patient and community care.

Mobile CE offers students the ability to apply lessons learned toward college degree programs. An articulation agreement with Hennepin Technical College allows students the ability to submit successful course completion for college credit, to be applied when attaining a certificate or associate’s degree program.

Mission: To transform community health through an innovative, rigorous, and compassionate approach to education for health professionals throughout the world.

Our Vision: To be a world leader in health education; offering the right resources and expertise, education, and credentialing through evidence-based research; developing excellence in health professionals.

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Community Paramedic Curriculum

Community Paramedicine Global Curriculum ©

Helping close the gaps within the healthcare system by expanding the role of EMS personnel within the community.

Primary Care Technician

Primary Care Technician Curriculum ©

Work with agencies and organizations to identifiy the needs of communities and assist in improving the quality of life.

Community Paramedic Technician

Community Paramedic Technician Curriculum ©

Helping identify the needs of communities and assisting in developing a method to improve the health of citizens.

Community Paramedic Curriculum

Community Paramedic Clinician Curriculum ©

A program designed to address gap solutions in emerging health problems and concerns within the community.

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