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Press Release: New 4.0 Community Paramedic Curriculum Helps Paramedics Transition from Certificate to Degree Practitioner

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GPACHE Launches New 4.0 Community Paramedic Curriculum
Helps Paramedics Transition from Certificate to Degree Practitioner

Cincinnati, Ohio, April 2022: Paramedic Health Solutions and GPACHE are delighted to announce the launching of the 4.0 Community Paramedic Curriculum. Accredited educational institutions will have access to the modular literacy curriculum via the online portal,

Lesson planning may be facilitated with the global educational standards-based modules, containing multi-level lesson plans in high-priority topics. The modules are designed to improve transition for EMS, from emergency medical response to Community Paramedicine practice in primary care, public health, and community-based patient care.

There is no greater portal to inclusion than access to educational opportunity. The 4.0 Community Paramedic Curriculum is available for all accredited education institutions and for online delivery by Mobile CE,

The modular literacy curriculum is a project of GPACHE, a global educational consortium organization and leader in providing curriculum development in Community Paramedicine education. Cost of purchase is allocated to developing future revisions and editions. Visit

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