Paramedic Network and Davin Healthcare
Future of Healthcare

Why choose the profession of Paramedicine? Why choose the profession of Nursing?

  • You have the potential.
  • Challenging work.
  • Autonomy for decision making.
  • Multiple opportunities.
  • Short and long-term positions.
  • Future growth.
  • Career pathway.
  • You say when you say where.

Are you a Paramedic, EMT, LPN, or RN looking for a position? Returning military personnel with Medic experience? Interested in becoming an EMT, Paramedic, LPN, or RN? We are a resource for you! Education and Career opportunities!

  • Paramedicine
  • Community Paramedicine
  • Critical Care Transport
  • Community & Critical Care Nursing

Davin Healthcare

Davin Healthcare is a nationally recognized nurse-founded and employee-owned Managed Service Provider (MSP) located in Saratoga Springs, NY. We approach staffing from a patient-first perspective; only the best medical professionals should fill the hospitals across the United States to care for our friends, neighbors, and loved ones. For hospital networks, we offer customized staffing and MSP solutions that save both time and money.

Paramedic Network

Paramedic Network is a globally recognized provider of Continuing Professional Development Education in healthcare. Emergency Medical Services, Ohio EMFTS Board provider #1422; Nursing & Emergency Medical Services national provider for Hennepin Technical College; International Specialty Paramedicine endorsement by the Global Paramedic Higher Education Council. We offer education opportunities globally for the betterment of community health.

Together we offer the opportunity for success!