Paramedic Network Members

The Ohio Department of Health, The Paramedic Foundation, and the Paramedic Network offer this Lottery as an opportunity for EMTs, AEMTs and Paramedics to attend a Refresher or Bootcamp without cost.

The State of Ohio sponsors the lottery for Ohio practitioners, whether resident or working for an Ohio program or provider. Applicants may also be awarded the opportunity by the Paramedic Foundation or Paramedic Network.

If you are an EMS practitioner and wish to participate in our lottery, please make sure you complete this form, answering all questions. Following completion and submission, you will receive a confirmation email offering details and instructions.

Number I can be reached at during normal business hours
Your position at the agency (chief, paramedic, etc.)
Enter your License #

*Your certificate will be delivered via email from the Paramedic Network & certs @ gutenberg.