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Get Ready to Live Stream the IRCP 2024 Event.

Join us at the 20th Anniversary International Roundtable on Community Paramedicine (IRCP), hosted by the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada, taking place on June 7-8 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

The International Roundtable on Community Paramedicine (IRCP) is an annual meeting that brings together over 150 professionals including paramedics, educators, community paramedics, service administrators, chiefs, executive directors, and experts from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The meeting is hosted by a different country each year. The planned rotation is Canada (2024), Australasia (2025), and the US (2026).

The IRCP provides a forum for participants to share their experiences and best practices in community paramedicine. This gathering serves as a platform for exploring the latest advancements in out-of-hospital person-centered care and fostering peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

The meeting also features presentations on a variety of topics related to community paramedicine, such as:

  • The role of paramedics in primary care
  • The use of paramedics in chronic disease management
  • The integration of paramedics into community health teams
  • The development of new models of care for rural and remote communities

The IRCP meeting is an important event for anyone who is interested in the future of community paramedicine.