Current Education Partners and Opportunities

Mobile CE

Mobile CE™ provides outstanding learning opportunities that prepare students to meet the needs and future challenges of community health. As a world leader in specialty paramedicine education, we offer the right resources, expertise, education, and credentialing through evidence-based research. Offering innovative programs and services, state-of-the-art distance learning, educational excellence, with consistent and sustaining customer support, we provide our healthcare leaders with the education they need to provide exceptional patient and community care.

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Community Partners

Community Partners™ develops safe and healthy communities through collaborative planning, education, action and advocacy. Creating partnerships with organizations, public administration, healthcare networks and accredited education institutions, plus integration of the Community Health Needs Assessment allows for education development and delivery designed for both individual organizations and the community. Our members benefit from global consulting, resources, connections, and education, allowing for a unique “build your own program” model.

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