Community Partners

Bettering Community Health Globally

A leader in community health, we create partnerships with organizations, public administration, healthcare networks and accredited education institutions.

Our Community Partners™ Program develops safe and healthy communities through collaborative planning, education, action and advocacy. Starting with the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) through the development and delivery of specific health educational needs, we support our members goal of improving health in their community.

Education for Community Partners


Community Partners™ promotes community health and development by connecting people, ideas and resources. We take leadership roles in educating our community and foster an environment for professional development and innovation. Our Community Partners™ Program delivers outstanding services and support that are resident-focused and dedicated to full participation in the community.

Community Partners Experience


We support our members and engage with organizations in your community as you work to develop your outreach of healthy lifestyle educational programs. Community Partners™ makes a long-term impact through its unique give-back program. We allow you to support your community and we support you!

Community Partners Collaboration


Our program fosters an innovative culture. Through collaboration, our members drive an action plan of creativity and welcomed growth. We mirror the vision and mission of the Paramedic Network: Advocacy, Application, Accreditation, Academics and Advantage. Our members benefit from global consulting, resources, connections, and education, allowing for a unique “build your own program” model.

Community Partners™ | Giving Back & Paying Forward

Become a Community Partner today and help make the world a better place. Achieving excellence through evidence-based research and practitioner delivery offers the opportunity for best outcomes. We believe in you.

We Value Our Partners: Collaboration offers our members the latest resources and research. Our partners support and contribute to the success of our mission, improving educational outcomes and bettering community health. Partners are limited to a select number of companies and organizations that have a record of distinction for providing services and support for improving outcomes, enriching opportunities and a passion for community health.